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No is the brainchild of Sebastien Casino (also known around there as Ewae or Morse
from Groove Of Satyre). He’s a long time dj/ mc/ producer/ promoter/ overactive activist
(overactivist?) from Montpellier, France. His first album, Diagone, just been released
on his Confetti Noir structure. Check that out!

For more on No:

COLIN TOWNS – The Medium, 1983
WHITE NOISE – Black Mass : Electric Storm In Hell (Skit), 1969
COLETTE MAGNY – La Panade, 1975
ARMANDO PIAZZA – The House On The Hill, 1972
EGBERTO GIZMONTI – Dança Solitària N°2, 1978
ROXY MUSIC – In Every Dream Home A Heartache, 1973
WHITE NOISE – The Visitation (Skit), 1969
JOHN CARPENTER – The Bank Robbery, 198
NASCITA DELLA SFERA – Violenza Vestita, 1978
THE RESIDENTS – Weight-Lifting Lulu, 1978
BRIAN ENO – Aragon, 1978
NO – June 21th (Extrait), 2010
CAPABILITY BROWN – Circumstances (Skit), 1973
HENRY-SKOFF TORGUE- Soliloque 2, 1976