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Pencilface is an illustrator and record nerd from Bristol, UK.
Unfortunately the odds are stacked waaaaay in favour of record nerd,
which is something he needs to address.

For more on Pencilface:

TRIANGLE – Cette Longue Nuit (Pathe LP)
BRIGITTE FONTAINE – Les Beaux Animaux (Saravah 45)
SIMON CAINE – Introspection (RCA LP)
SOFT MACHINE – Hulloder (Probe LP)
ENDLE ST CLOUD – Proffessor Black (I.A. LP)
THE ADVANCEMENT – Fall Out (Philips LP)
THE SENATORS – Psychedelic Senate (EMI LP)
GAL COSTA – Com Medo, Com Pedro (Philips LP)
T. SWIFT – Expo In Sound (Custom LP)
CHRYSALIS – Fatehr’s Getting Old (MGM LP)
THE MERCY – Hey Jude (Sundi LP)
ROMUALD & ROMAN – Question Or Pass-word (Muza 45)
KENSINGTON MARKET – The Thinker (Warner LP)
ALEXANDER SPENCE – War In Peace (Sundazed LP)
MIKE McNAUGHT – Up In The Sky » (MFP LP)
WICKED TRUTH – Take A Chance (Teru 45)
AMON DUUL 2 – Dehypnotized Toothpaste (UA LP)
VICTOR BRADY – Brown Rain (Polydor LP)
KEVIN AYERS – Oleh Oleh Bandu Bandong (Harvest LP)
ALPAY – Kalenin Bayir Duzu (Diskotur 45)
ALMENDRA – Color Humano (RCA LP)