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nIdaL is your everyday blue collar dj friend.
Catch him spinning random gems, cloud rap and left-field music for Pfm Radio Arras from his overseas Montreal based studio (easy to listen there). You might also enjoy watching him breeding raccoons in local parks. Or maybe you are not into raccoons.

For more on nIdaL:

DR ALIMANTADO – I Am The Greatest Says Muhammed Ali
SOHAIL RANA – Saat Maatray
CHICO MAGNETIC – To Where I Belong
PAX – Exorcismio
EL OPIO – Una Bruja En El Cuzco
LOS DESTELLOS – Constelaciun
NGOZI FAMILY – Night Of Fear
MANU DIBANGO – Walking To Waza
VANILLA FUDGE – Some Velvet Morning
C&K VOCAL – Pilgrim