Markey Funk


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Markey Funk is a producer/musician/DJ/collector from Jerusalem. For more than a decade he’s been rocking parties and festivals with his ever-growing record collection, playing live re-score sets, organizing psychedelic parties, sharing his passion for groovy and way-out music through regular shows on FM and streaming radio stations, as well as podcasts and mixtapes. Over the years, Markey’s musical vision has been transforming from the deep sampladelic debut album « (forgot the word) » to the space age library groove of « The Mystery of Mordy Laye » collaboration, to the dark cinematic psychedelia of « Instinct », always finding its reflections in numerous remixes that he produced for local and global artists, as well as in his soundtracks for short animation films. Since joining the post-funk band The Apples, Markey has been regularly touring in Europe both – with a band, and as a solo DJ. Recently he has been focusing mostly on collaborative work, as well as his boutique 7″ imprint Delights, which was relaunched with a new release near the end of the last year.

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