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Buddy Peace
I’ve been a firm advocate/appreciator of the Six Ton Armor series since the very beginning, and there have been some really killer moments along the line. The selectors, the incredible artwork, the whole package, and that’s not to mention the psych-focused angle as well. It’s a tight collection for certain, and I love it.
I’m honoured to be invited into the 6TA cypher, and I hope you like what I have created. As someone who’s made mixtapes since 1993, I’ve always tried to mess with the formula a bit each time and bring a little something different with each project, which is exactly what I’ve done right here.
In keeping with the psych theme I took a more electronic path, and rather than make a blend of tracks I adopted a production approach. I took apart tons of old electronic tracks from the past half century and constructed a piece by piece ultrablend (…ultrablend?) involving programmed splintered chops, effected slices and my own loops and riffs made from even more chops and slices. It took a little while but building up from nothing and watching the arrangement unfold was a wonderful process, and squeezing what I could from certain samples was a real treat. I adopted certain traits and traditions from psych rock production and stayed close to that road, and I hope that you’re into this as the next installment of the unfuckwithable Six Ton Armor catalogue.
The process of this production has led to a rough tracklist as opposed to a specific one, and it would be laborious to even look at what the tracklist for this would have been, but a few names I used for it include: Gyorgy Ligeti, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Raymond Scott, John Cage, Tangerine Dream & Edgar Froese, Jon Appleton, Daniel Johnston, Pierre Henry, Frank Zappa, David Cope and so many more.
I call this mix ‘Go To Hell, Bastards!’.
Thank you for listening, and thanks to all at Six Ton Armor for inviting me to contribute to this awesome collection.
(Buddy Peace, May 2011)

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