Pete Sasqwax


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Pete Sasqwax is a producer from UK.
I’ve subtitled this mix ‘Malapropriated PsycheDelia (& friends)’ and ‘Malapropriated PsycheDelia (& friends)’ is the sound of two puns colliding head on. Or maybe it’s more the sound of one pun rattling around in my brain for so long that I had to succumb and finally scratch that itch. Here’s how it works: every drum sound throughout these thirty minutes is taken from Malcom Catto. Yep, Mal (and his ‘Bubblefish Breaks’ LP) has been apropriated (by me) – hence the first part. The PsycheDelia bit: SIXTONARMOR is a psychedelic mix series, right? Right. And Delia (& friends) were the source of musical sounds for the entirety of the piece. Delia who? Delia Derbyshire and her co-conspirators (friends) – otherwise known as the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Catto + BBC Radiophonic Workshop = this mix. Or it does when I do it.

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