Kaliyuga Pro


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Kaliyuga Pro is a producer from Finland.
Some of you may remember him as part of the great Styge Rec roster, Children Of The Sun, Maniac Mansion, or the guy behind the fantastic Ghetto Tyylit blog (a wet dream for every westcoast rap cassette head).
He’s also a dedicated digger in new age / ambient / electronic music.

For more on Kaliyuga Pro:

ULTIMATE SPINACH – The Hip Death Goddess (1967)
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – The American Metaphysical Circus (1968)
PEARLS BEFORE SWINE – The Surrealist Waltz (1967)
STEVE HILLAGE – Sun Song (1975)
APHRODITE’s CHILD – Funky Mary (skit) (1969)
STEVEN HALPERN – Something For Every Body Suite (skit) (1975)
BOBBY BROWN – Tiny Wind Of Shanol (1972)
SAM McCLELLAN – Gathering (1982)
PINK FLOYD – Absolutely Curtains (1972)
OJAS – The Heart Center (1979)
CZESLAW NIEMEN – Planeta Ziemia / Katharsis (1976)
PAULINE ANNA STROM – Energies (1982)
Psychoutro (various skits: Terry Riley, Reinhard Lakomy, Sven Grunberg, Richard Burmer..)