Perkin Warbek


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Perkin Warbek fumbles over words and beats that make his day away.
Plants, Trees, Pencils, sick notes and tunes look after him. On a day-to-day basis.
To make a long story short, this guy used to be known as aaron3000, gave a few gigs in his hometown but grew sick and tired of pleasing jerks that only cared about themselves or getting laid. The only remaining solution was to remain here and there. Sittin’ on some kind of tumblin’ fence.
The latter writes articles for french webiste and has already been part of several other projects. The author of this so-called biography would like to lay the emphasis on the fact that some of his mixtapes could be found on the late website and will be soon available on his new website notwithstanding that he truly wanted to give shout outs to his mates working their butts off to keep true sounds alive such as coolerthancucumber records, findesiecle, treuflavrecords,
laidback and sixtonarmor …which eventually help him out in the best possible way…
More to catch on his new website which will be upgraded end of July 2012.

Perkin Warbek would like to dedicate this collection of records to Sylvain Beunat and Sophie Simon. All my love and caring thoughts to you two. I love you.

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