Controller 7


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Controller 7 is some dude that used to make music more frequently. Maybe he got a job. Maybe he became a dad. Maybe he’s just lazy. Nobody will ever know. He is probably most known for Left Handed Straw, a mixtape style collection of his own beats (he’s so vain). He made an EP called « Expansions » and another called « Egg. » He’s made some mixes and has done some remixes. He’s fallen asleep on the couch while watching TV a lot. 16 years after the release of Left Handed Straw, he finished the brilliantly named follow up, Right Handed Straw, which should come out sometime in 2017.

This mix is an assortment of odds and ends, psych-poppers, spacey-waceys, stoney broneys, weirdy weirdos, and bleepy bloops. It includes records from Barre Phillips, Crome Syrcus, Year 2000, Glass Prism, The Wailers, Marek Grechuta, Smoke, Ram, Tommy James, a couple soundtracks, a soundcloud clip of DRB on drums, and some other song that I have completely forgotten and can’t seem to figure out which record it’s on (I know it’s here somewhere). It’ll come to me at some point, which is of no use to you. Happy listening.

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