Six Ton Armor is a platform meant to offer regular psych music podcasts from various DJs/ producers/ cratediggers/ music lovers worldwide.
It’s also a small-time label with DIY ethics.

By « psych » we mean all music with a psychedelic aspect to it, could be 60es / 70es garage records, turkish soundtracks, brit invasion stuff, somalian psych funk, or, well, more recent bands like Broadcast.

We want selectors to show up the amazing/ weird pieces of their collection, not the usual boring last month top ten. We want the other stuff, we want to be suprised! Just like you do when you’re looking for new music.

Rimrimrim is the visual / design guru, while Olsun is the almighty curator. Morgue is our man for the US and Nidal is the secret fourth member with a raccoon mask.
You can hit us at blackolsun[at]gmail[dot]com if you feel like.

We just released our very first release, Doc Delay’s « REM Sleep II », a 65 min. mix-cd of rare psych gems sold in a 300-limited arigato pack / silkscreened beauty package.

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